Toddler Tuesdays will begin at 10:30 am unless otherwise noted.

May 2nd: The Kansas Children's Discovery Center welcomes the Kansas Ballet Academy as they lead an interactive movement activity!

May 9th: Join in and move as the Kansas Ballet Academy leads an interactive movement activity at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center!

May 16th: Join your friends to play parachute popcorn!

May 23rd: Move and groove with the Kansas Ballet Academy at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center!

May 30th: Explore bells, maracas, a tambourine and more in this muscial instrument infused experience!


Wee Wednesday activities will begin at 10:30 unless otherwise noted.

May 3rd: Enhance your nurturing nature by practicing to be gentle while washing baby dolls.

May 10th: Find buried treasures while discovering the world of magnets!

May 17th: Sensory play with slime is fun, especially when the slime turns a different color when you touch it! Come and experience color changing slime!

May 24th: Explore textures that may be slimy or soft, like noodles, in the food-tastic sensory bin!

May 31st: Prepare for the change in seasons and enjoy a weather sensory activity with water!


Tiny Tots sessions begin at 10:30 am unless otherwise noted.

May 4th: Need to get the wiggles out? Join Ms. Britany for some dancing fun on the floor piano!

May 11th: Test your skills to see if you can complete the sidewalk chalk obstacle course and create an artistic masterpiece!

May 18th: Hula round and round, hop in the hoops and play limbo! Keep on moving!

May 25th: Wiggle, twirl, and freeze in the dancing traffic light game!



All STEAM activities begin at 1 pm unless otherwise noted.

April 29th: Prairie Day! Celebrate the prairie on Saturday, April 29th! Explore the trails in the prairie while completing a scavenger hunt. Talk with experts about insects, plants and grasses. Join the author, Jill Haukos, as she reads her book, "The Autumn Calf" at 1 pm! Lots of prairie fun that you will not want to miss! 11 am - 3 pm

May 6th: Come and make unique shaped bubbles for STEAM Saturday!

May 13th: Hold an object up to the light and trace the shadow. Or grab a friend and trace their shadow! What can you make using shadows?

May 20th: Bring the crew in for a Saturday STEAM challege where we will build a Geodesic Dome using rolled up newspaper! Geodesic Domes are fun to play inside after they are built!

May 27th: Stop by the Kansas Children's Discovery Center to learn about bike safety. Using the Discovery Center bikes, experts from Safe Kids Kansas will be onsite with traffic signs to help children recognize their meanings, review the “rules of the road”, demonstrate how helmets protect us and how to fit them correctly. Also, safety checklists will be available to families. Stay safe and have a fun summer!