Toddler Tuesdays will begin at 10:30 am unless otherwise noted.    

November 21st: Gather your friends and find a spot around the parachute as we shake, hop and dance during Parachute Play! 10:30 am

November 28th: The Kansas Ballet Academy will be here to lead an interactive movement activity at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center at 10:30 am!

December 5th: Wiggle your waist and hula away in the Hula Hoop Dance Party!

December 12th: Dance the morning away with the Kansas Ballet Academy!

December 19th: Gather around for indoor "snowball" and parachute play for Toddler Tuesday!

December 26th: Move and groove  with the Kansas Ballet Academy at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center!


Wee Wednesday activities will begin at 10:30 unless otherwise noted.

November 22nd: Celebrate the Native Voices exhibit at the Discovery Center! Squish, smash, explore and learn all about cranberries! Cranberry Day is celebrated by the Aquinnah Wampanoag people and it brings their members together during harvest time.

November 29th: Big dinosaur feelings can happen in a little body! Join our Dinosaurumpus as we practice our dino moves in this exciting sensory activity!

December 6th:  Come discover our secret 2-ingredient winter playdough which is sure to create oohs and ahhs! Served on a platter with cookie cutters, this activity will warm your heart!

December 13th: Create a small world construction site complete with movers and shakers, pasta and rice to help uncover our favorite buried alligator!

December 20th: Enjoy some Ice Age fun with us! Create the polar ice caps without getting cold! Help animals frolic on the light table and tumble beneath foamy waves!

December 27th: Eye spy holiday style! Use magnets to find jingle bells in silly slime!


Tiny Tots sessions begin at 10:30 am unless otherwise noted.

November 23rd: We are Closed for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!

November 30th: Work both sides of the brain using race cars, rainbow drawings and marching around the Discovery Center!

December 7th: Explore shapes and movement with an extra large and colorful stretchy band fit for a wiggly group of kiddos!

December 14th: Stretch, bend and sway as you become a moose, bunny and walrus through yoga poses!

December 21st:  Balance on the rooftops, weave through houses, and pull a sleigh like a reindeer as you teach the reindeer how to get in shape for their big day!

December 28th: Practice your skills while stacking, launching and playing with “inside” snowballs!


All Steam activities begin at 1:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

November 11th: Snap on your design cap, find your inner architect and build a pasta structure!

November 18th: It is Mickey's birthday! To celebrate, come meet and take a picture with your favorite mouse! He will be here from 11 am - 12 pm and 2 pm -3 pm. Don't forget your camera for this momentous occasion!

November 25th: Basket making is a long-standing traditional craft for many Indigenous peoples across North America. Come and experience the Narragansett: Basket Weaving in the Native Voices exhibit 11:00 am.

At 1:00, Challenge your engineering skills by using leftover containers and aluminum foil to build a bridge, tower or a new tool!

December 9th: Come learn how to play a traditional game, Hubbub, played by the Wampanoag and other Indigenous peoples all across America. Practice your math skills keeping score!

December 16th: Have you ever wondered what is inside of a computer? Bring the family in for Take Apart Day! Use tools and teamwork to disassemble safe electronics to see what's inside and figure out how they work! (while supplies lasts)

December 23rd: Winter Celebration! Snowmen, ice, snowball toss and more! Celebrate winter at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center! Build indoor snowmen at 11:30 am with "snow", paint with ice at 1:30 pm and challenge yourself to build the tallest marshmallow snowman you can at 2:30 pm. Indoor snowball fights will be from 11 am - 3 pm!

December 30th: Explore physics using indoor "snowballs" and catapults!