Toddler Tuesdays will begin at 10:30 am unless otherwise noted.

July 18th: Get a little wet today while you move, dance and play with water at 10:30 am!

July 25th: Join in and move with the Kansas Ballet Academy at 10:30 am at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center!

August 1st: Buckets, funnels, and scoops make for great ways to move water! Help us move water using engineering and gravity!

August 8th: Join the Kansas Ballet Academy in an interactive movement activity at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center!

August 15th: Balloon Zoo! Hop like a kangaroo, fly around like birds and wiggle like worms to keep balloons up in the air!

August 22nd: Dance the morning away with the Kansas Ballet Academy!

August 29th: What sounds can you make with water? Find out through exploration and experimentation with us!


Wee Wednesday activities will begin at 10:30 unless otherwise noted.

July 19th: Explore different ways to move water! Which objects sink or float? Check it out during water play day!

July 26th:  Roll up your sleeves and ignite your senses through shaving cream sensory play!

August 2nd: Come and explore what happens when you squish, mix or mush fruits and water!

August 9th: Create a messy masterpiece using your muscles and paint!

August 16th: Have you ever played with fluffy slime? Come and experience the unique fluffy texture for some messy fun!

August 23rd: Practice your aiming and grasping skills with water shooters!

August 30th: Clean and healthy teeth are important! Practice those brushing skills with our toothpaste sensory play!



Tiny Tots sessions begin at 10:30 am unless otherwise noted.

July 20th: Swim little fishy swim! Catch our magnetic fish friends in our sensory table "pond".

July 27th: Water play is Serious Fun! Join us to beat the heat by soaking a sponge with water and using your muscles to create a splash! 

August 3rd: What is that in the air? A plane? Is it superman? They are falling scarves! Come and help keep colorful scarves flying through the air!

August 10th: What happens when you mix water and paints? Messy art work! Come and create messy art with us!

August 17th: Roll up your sleeves and explore gooey slime!

August 24th: Triangles, squares and circles,oh, my! Create shapes with string, tape and dance moves!

August 31st: Use our stamp rolling pins to make a masterpiece using your movement!


All STEAM activities begin at 1 pm unless otherwise noted.

July 22nd: Using bottles of water, create a masterpiece of shapes, words and designs on the patio!

July 29th: Discover your inner engineer-create a structure that moves a ball from one place to another!

August 5th: Create and test a paper rocket to see how far it will fly at 1 pm!

August 19th: The Solar Eclipse of 2017 is coming! Celebrate the sun and explore heat sensitive slime at 10am. Create moon craters with flour at 1pm. Fully engulf yourself in the experience, and visualize what happens during a solar eclipse while riding our hovercraft at 11am and 2pm!

August 26th: Bring the family (and a towel) to make memories during our water play day! Water shooters, sponges, and PLENTY of water fun will be available from 11am - 3pm. The End of Summer Splashdown is meant to douse your family and friends with H2O fun!