Toddler Tuesdays will begin at 10:30 am unless otherwise noted.

June 13th: Dance the morning away with the Kansas Ballet Academy! 

June 20th: Bring a friend and find a spot around the parachute as we shake, hop and dance during Parachute Play

June 27th: The Kansas Ballet Academy will be here to lead an interactive movement activity at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center!

July 4th: The Kansas Children's Discovery Center is closed on the 4th of July!

July 11th: Move and groove at 10:00 am with the Kansas Ballet Academy!

July 18th: Get a little wet today while you move, dance and play with water at 10:30 am!

July 25th: Join in and move with the Kansas Ballet Academy at 10:30 am at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center!


Wee Wednesday activities will begin at 10:30 unless otherwise noted.

June 14th: Explore the wonders of magnets with ice!

June 21st: Help us care for our baby dolls and keep them clean. Come and join us for baby doll bath time.

June 27th: Brown Bear Shadow: Help our little bears explore shadows and light!

July 5th: Enhance your nurturing nature by practicing to be gentle while washing baby dolls.

July 12th: Yay for yarn! Forget about the paintbrushes, join us today to make a masterpiece using yarn.

July 19th: Explore different ways to move water! Which objects sink or float? Check it out during water play day!

July 26th:  Roll up your sleeves and ignite your senses through shaving cream sensory play!


Tiny Tots sessions begin at 10:30 am unless otherwise noted.

June 15th: Balloon Tennis: Practice your coordination with balloons and paper plate rackets at 10:30 am!

June 22nd: Stretch out, sing along and monkey around while moving like animals with Ms. Britany at 10:30 am!

June 29th: Bouncing Rings: Roll around and practice your coordination with the inflatable rings at 10:30 am!

July 6th: Balance like a flamingo on wobbly cushions and balancing boards!

July 13th: We've got the instruments, you bring the moves and a dance party will ensue!

July 20th: Swim little fishy swim! Catch our magnetic fish friends in our sensory table "pond".

July 27th: Water play is Serious Fun! Join us to beat the heat by soaking a sponge with water and using your muscles to create a splash! 


All STEAM activities begin at 1 pm unless otherwise noted.

June 17th: Meet, greet and take a picture with the Very Hungry Caterpillar! He will be out from 11am - 12:30 pm & 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm. Do not forget to bring your camera!

June 24th: National Summer Learning Day! Continue learning throughout the summer and join the Kansas Children's Discovery Center for a STEAM challenge! Discover the strength of pasta by creating structures and testing their ability to hold different weights.

July 1st: Build an igloo, castle or the tallest structure possible using only ice cubes!

July 8th: It's time for a scavenger hunt! Join us in our Outdoor Classroom as we navigate through nature. It's sure to be Serious Fun!

July 14th-15th: Bubble Fiesta! See the Event Page for details.

July 22nd: Using bottles of water, create a masterpiece of shapes, words and designs on the patio!

July 29th: Discover your inner engineer-create a structure that moves a ball from one place to another!