Egg Drop Guidelines ​and​ Rules


Construct the lightest structure possible that will prevent an egg from breaking from a 20-foot drop. A team’s structure must fit inside of an 18-inch cube (a box with interior dimensions of 18″ x 18″ x 18″)


1. Each group must register/check-in at the registration table by 1:30 pm and will receive a number which represents their place in line for the egg drop.

2. Each team will be given one standard sized, large egg, to place inside their structure upon registration.

3. Each team will need to secure their egg after registering and prior to weigh-in.

4. Each team’s structure will then be judged for size compliance, weighed and kept at the station until ready to drop.

5. Once weighed, the team will need to check-in periodically and keep track of the number of egg being dropped so they are able to be present for their drop.

6. Following the drop, the structure is then opened and examined by the judges.


● Inflated devices of any size (i.e. balloons, bubble wrap, etc.) are not allowed.

● No tape or glue can be applied directly to the eggshell.

● Only rigidly attached drag devices are allowed.

● Each structure must allow easy access to the egg for inspection after the drop.

● If the egg is intact, the drop is considered successful.


● The structure is dropped only once, so it does not need to be reusable.

● There will be three competition categories:

○ Category One: Preschool – Grade 2

○ Category Two: Grades 3 – 7

○ Category Three: Grades 7 and up

● Entries completed as a school project are also welcome.

● Contestants are encouraged to wear school colors to show school spirit.

● Sponsorship of a school or presence of a teacher is not necessary.