Native Voices Fun!

Week of 12/9 – 12/15

9 – Native Voices: Hubbub – Traditional Game at 1:00 pm
Description: Come learn how to play a traditional game, Hubbub, played by the Wampanoag and other Indigenous peoples all across America. Practice your math skills keeping score! 

12 – Native Voices: Dreamcatchers – 1:00 pm
Description: Create a dreamcatcher to take home to catch good dreams like some Indigenous tribes.

13 – Celebrate Native Voices: Pattern Pictures – 1:00 pm
Description: Create different patterns with stamps, colors and shapes to decorate paper baskets!

14 – Celebrate Native Voices: Necklace Making at 1 pm
Description: Decorate pasta shells using your favorite colors to create a necklace like Carol Lopez, in the “Native Voices” exhibit, creates necklaces using quahog shells.

15 – Celebrate Native Voices: Toboggan Engineer – 10:30 am and 1 pm
Description: Craft your own mini toboggan using recycled materials.