Robots Week!

Tuesday 6/13 at 1 pm

Music and Mazes
Explore how to program Dash to make music on his Xylophone and code the robotic mouse through a maze!

Wednesday 6/14 at 1 pm

Construction and Demolishing
Construct your own maze and program the robotic mouse though your design to find the cheese! Also, test Dash’s bulldozer by programming him to knock over towers!

Thursday 6/15 at 1 pm

Challenge Day
KCDC Educators will create an obstacle course for both Dash and the robotic mouse and we need you to program the robots through the mazes!

Friday 6/16 at 11am and 2 pm

Explore the Bots
Build a maze to program your robot through, ask for a challenge from a KCDC Educator or play music on the xylophone with Dash! The robots and accessories will be out and ready for you to program!