What’s happening this week?

6 - Join us for a fun movement activity with the Kansas Ballet!

7 - Wee Wednesday: Slimy Shapes at 10:30 am
Description: Explore shapes with cookie cutters and slime!

10 - Star Wars Day! 11 am - 3 pm
Description: Bring the Family dressed to celebrate Star Wars Day! Jedi families can participate in Star Wars themed activities such as Paper Rocket building and an Asteroid Hunt!

11 - Puzzle Pieces 11 am - 1 pm
Description: On the second Sunday of each month from 11 am - 1 pm, the Kansas Children's Discovery Center offers FREE admission to families with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Puzzle Pieces program provides opportunities to enjoy family time at the Discovery Center in a safe, understanding environment, allows parents to network with one another, and will help families discover new resources available to them. *Not open to the public during this time.

13 - Toddler Tuesday – Kansas Ballet Academy at 10:30 am
Description: Move and groove with the Kansas Ballet Academy at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center!

14 - Wee Wednesday - Apple Pi playdough fun - 10:30 am
Description: Celebrate Pi day with Apple “Pi” playdough!

16 – Spring Break! Rockin’ Robots! 10:30, 1 and 3 pm. KCDC is open extended hours from 9 am - 5 pm
Description: It's Rockin' Robots Day! Create code, explore the robot's xylophone and discover how to launch ping pong balls using robots! Serious Robot Fun!

17 - Rainbow Science at 10:30 am, 1 pm and 3 pm
Description: Dig for gold in green slime at 10:30 am, help make an exploding rainbow at 1 pm, and explode magic leprechaun rocks at 3 pm.

Spring Break-We are open Monday - Friday from 9 am - 5 pm during Spring Break!

Follow the Yellow Brick Road straight to the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center for SERIOUS Fun Spring Break activities! Munchkin Monday, Tornado Tuesday, Wicked Witch Wednesday, Oz-some Thursday and Flying Monkey Friday round out the Wizard of Oz Spring Break Week 2018. Decorate a yellow brick to add to the yellow brick road along the window, create paper poppy flowers and help us find the lost Ruby Red Slippers during your visit to the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center! Feel free to dress as your favorite OZ character! We are open extended hours all week from 9 am - 5 pm. Dorothy and Toto await you!

3/19/18: Monday - Munchkin Monday!
You will not want to miss the fun on Munchkin Monday!
10:30 am: Come paint during the Lollipop Guild’s Candy Painting!
1 pm: Use robots to launch ping pong balls at the wicked witch during the Lullabye League’s Launch Party
3 pm: Create art to add to Mayor Munchkin’s Messy Masterpieces art gallery!

3/20/18: Tuesday - Tornado Tuesday
Tornado Tuesday:
10:30 am: Join the Kansas Ballet Academy for a "windy" movement activity for Toddler Tuesday!
1 pm: Cyclone Smoothies at 1 pm
3 pm: Knock down towers using an air cannon!

3/21/2018: Wednesday - Wicked Witch Wednesday
It’s all Wicked Witch for Wednesday!
10:30 am: Use science to melt the Wicked Witch in this fun Wee Wednesday activity!
1 pm: Solve a mystery during the Wicked Witch Crime Scene Investigation!
3 pm: Create and design with Wicked Witch playdough!
Don’t forget your cameras! Meet the Wicked Witch at 11 and 2 and take a selfie with her.

3/22/2018: Thursday - Oz-some Thursday
10:30 am: Jump, pop and play with bubbles during Glinda’s Bubbles Craze!
1 pm: Design your own Tin Man to take home
3 pm: Help Toto escape Miss Gulch’s basket using engineering!

3/23/2018: Friday - Flying Monkey Friday
Look out, it’s Flying Monkey Friday!
10:30 am: Launch a ‘monkey’ using catapults
1 pm: Design a paper stomp rocket to launch
3 pm: Test your skills during the Flying Monkey Time Trials on the outdoor obstacle course

3/24/2018: Saturday - Friend’s of Toto Take Home
The Helping Hands Humane Society Team and Trailer will be onsite from 11am - 3pm with pet friends for you and your family to visit. Find your very own Toto to take home with you! 11am - 3pm

27 – Toddler Tuesday: Kansas Ballet at 10:30 am
Description: The Kansas Ballet Academy will be here to lead an interactive movement activity at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center!

28 – Wee Wednesday: Baby Washing at 10:30 am
Description: Learn to nurture by practicing to be gentle while washing baby dolls.

31 - Egg-Stravaganza: 11 am - 3 pm
Description: In celebration of this egg-cellent time of year, it is time for the Egg-Stravaganza! On Saturday, March 31st, paint by throwing paint-filled eggs at paper at 11 am and 2 pm. Make bunny ears at the art table! Challenge yourself to build the highest half-egg tower throughout the day. Everyone leaves with a surprise-filled plastic egg!