Halloween and Daylight Savings—Eeek! Six Tips for Parents

Halloween and Daylight Savings—Eeek! Six Tips for Parents

“Creepy creepy” means no “sleepy sleepy” this Halloween, as parents prepare for both the spooky holiday and moving clocks back an hour on the same night! Yes, you may get an extra hour of sleep, but you might not feel so well-rested if you’re experiencing the time change with young children. Your child’s biological clock doesn’t change with your phone’s clock! As a parent, how can you prepare for this frightful event? Here are some tips to help make life a little easier for you and your child(ren) as the time falls back.

1. Gradually move your child’s sleep schedule forward an hour by moving their schedule 10-15 minutes later each morning and night as you prepare for the time change. This will help them not get overtired.

2. Prepare yourself for an early riser as your child adjusts to the time change!

3. Be mindful of the lighting in your child’s room. A bright room will keep them up, while a totally dark room will help to keep them asleep during those early morning hours.

4. Be patient! You and your child will get back to a normal sleep pattern soon. If you are noticing more meltdowns during the day, encourage your child to have more quiet time or an extra nap as they adjust to the change.

5. Get your child(ren) outside to run and play! Exercise will help them get a good night’s sleep.

6. Feed your child well during this time with healthy snacks - their eating schedule will be off as well! A tired child is difficult, but a “hangry” child is very challenging.

Remember, this can be a challenging time for you and your child(ren), but it will all eventually “fall” into place! Most importantly, always remember that taking care of yourself is a huge part of taking care of your kids.