Happy 8th Birthday, Discovery Center!

The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center turns eight on June 1, 2019! The museum has hosted over 600,000 visitors from 23 countries in the past eight years. In honor of our birthday, we're sharing what our staff members love about the Discovery Center.


My favorite thing is seeing the expression on the faces of children who walk into KCDC for the first time! Seeing the awe, excitement and joy fills my heart with delight!

- Dené Mosier, President/CEO


Image of Laura Burton, Director of Marketing and Development, Kansas Children's Discovery Center

I came to love the Discovery Center as a mom first, through the eyes of my kids, long before I was on the team. I truly valued being able to come to a place that allowed my kids to embrace their sense of adventure.

- Laura Burton, Director Marketing and Development

I love being able to build things that bring children joy. It's great to see so many kids come here to play.

- Draque Carver, Exhibit and Facilities Maintenance Manager

My favorite thing about the Discovery Center is our commitment to ensuring every family has the opportunity to play in a safe and welcoming environment. Watching visitors explore, engage and connect with each other, the exhibits and our outdoor classroom is such a joyous thing to get to witness nearly every day.

- Payton Friess, Director of Community Engagement

My favorite thing is that every single person who works or volunteers here believes in our mission, loves kids, and is willing to do all kinds of fun things to make this a great place.

- Tracey Goering, Communications Manager

My favorite thing about KCDC is that it offers an opportunity for kids and grownups to learn through play together!

- Caitlin Luttjohann, Director of STEAM Education

Have you ever seen a child master something for the first time?  A toddler walking or crawling up the slide in the GROW area just discovered inclined planes and gravity! A child hesitant to encounter a new sensory experience is one of my favorite firsts! Initially, there may be fear or trepidaton...should I reallyTOUCH the slime? Next comes the questions...what will HAPPEN? and finally, SUCCESS! I DID IT!  Science, art, engineering and mess making.  I LOVE IT!

- Nancy Nelson-Moore, Early Childhood Educator

I love how there are so many ways for children to use their imaginations while playing at the Discovery Center! They can run a lemonade stand, sail a ship, fix a car and more - the possibilities are endless!

- Catie Rutkowski, Director of Operations