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YOUR generous financial gift is an essential part in making the Discovery Center a vital educational resource for our children, families & educators!  The support YOU give today impacts the lives of our community's dreamers, teachers and leaders of tomorrow. All gifts are appreciated, thank you for your generous support!

Your tax-deductible gift will help the Discovery Center continue to provide engaging, interactive, educational exhibits and programs that challenge children to use their critical and creative thinking skills.

Private, financial support allows us to:

  • Provide access to children & families in our community through our KCDC Cares Fund
  • Design and develop interactive, educational exhibits and programs
  • Provide hands-on programming and outreach to local youth organizations and social service agencies
  • Expand by adding new and exciting educational exhibits

Will you please help a family experience the Kansas Children's Discovery Center?

  • A gift of $99 will allow a family who cannot afford a membership to visit the Discovery Center for one full year! Give the Gift of Discovery!

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