Meet Our Team

The Kansas Children's Discovery Center is run by a staff of experienced professionals who know how to have serious fun at work. From building exhibits, to running programs, to keeping our facility clean and safe, visitors can count on our staff to provide a memorable, educational experience.


Dené Mosier, President/CEO
(785) 783-8300, ext 102

Dené has served as KCDC's leader since 2015. As a former preschool and elementary school teacher and administrator, she brings extensive experience in child development and managing educators to her role overseeing exhibits and programs. Under her leadership, KCDC has grown and thrived as the premier children's museum in Kansas.  Read more about Dené.

Image of Laura Burton, Director of Marketing and Development, Kansas Children's Discovery Center

Laura Burton, Director Marketing and Development
(785) 783-8300

Laura is a nonprofit marketing, communications and fundraising professional responsible for educating the public about KCDC's work. In her role as Director of Marketing and Development, she develops partnerships to help build KCDC a regional tourist attraction and educational resource for all families. She is a mother of two young children and a big LEGO fan.

Draque Carver, Exhibit and Facilities Maintenance Manager
(785) 783-8300

Draque has been with KCDC since 2014 and is responsible for facility and exhibit construction and maintenance. He came to KCDC with 35 years of experience in construction. KCDC puts his expertise to work in a wide range of unconventional projects, from a realistic life-size pizza oven, to welded butterfly chairs, to giant ruby red slippers. 

Payton Friess, Director of Community Engagement
(785) 783-8300, ext 112

Payton is a global traveler and dedicated advocate for children who works to ensure access for every family. In her role as Director of Community Engagement, she manages partnerships and outreach for the museum.

Tracey Goering, Communications Manager
(785) 783-8300, ext 108

Tracey has been with KCDC since 2016 and has had mixed responsibilities supporting development, communication and grant-writing. She has a wide range of experience in different industries that informs her approach. Tracey has a degree in business management from Kansas State University. She is a foster parent for HHHS pets and delights the KCDC staff with regular pet visits.

Caitlin Luttjohann, Director of STEAM Education
(785) 783-8300, ext 110

Caitlin creates and implements educational programs. She has a degree in industrial engineering and came to KCDC from the Flint Hills Discovery Center, where she was the Education Specialist for Science. She is passionate about teaching kids how to solve problems with science and is a favorite of teachers and students for her ability to make field trips fun and engaging. 

Nancy Nelson-Moore, Early Childhood Educator
(785) 783-8300

Nancy has been with KCDC since 2014 and has ten years of experience in early childhood education. She delivers outstanding educational programs for children on the exhibit floor, bringing together her passions for art, science and messy play.  She has undergraduate degrees in illustration and graphics and early childhood education and a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

Catie Rutkowski, Director of Operations
(785) 783-8300, ext 107

Catie started at KCDC as a volunteer in 2011, where her willingness to jump in and uncanny attention to detail led her to be hired as floor staff, then floor manager, then Director of Operations. Catie keeps the exhibit floor running smoothly, handles facility rentals and runs the gift shop. She's also the first to throw on a costume at KCDC's many themed programs.