Active toddlers keep busy in this cheerful, fenced-in play space with a playhouse, climber and pretend play designed to fuel their growing imaginations. Toddlers can stretch their bodies and brains while cooking a pretend meal, racing cars, climbing, balancing and meeting new friends.

Fun Facts

This play space is designed for engaging the busy brains and bodies of toddlers, who are constantly observing other adults and children while trying new skills. Toddlers are learning how to think, creating pathways in their brains that allow future learning. They are also beginning to build symbolic thinking, connecting a picture of a house in a book to an actual house, or using blocks to represent a tree, for example. The kind of play encouraged in Grow puts children on a path to become lifelong learners.

Brain Building

Imaginative Play, Cooperation, Symbolic Thinking

Body Building

Big Muscle Development (Gross Motor), Balance, Spatial Awareness