Infant Sensory Garden


Padded floors create a safe area for pre-walkers to explore color, texture and mirrors as they crawl, explore and pull to stand. The location of the Infant Sensory Garden allows babies to observe older children at play. The exhibit is also a popular grown up social spot at the Discovery Center, providing a comfortable, safe place to meet other infants caregivers.

Fun Facts

Baby brains are hard at work, constantly building the foundations that enable lifelong learning. Babies playing in the infant sensory garden are learning to use their senses to gather information about the world around them. Eager fingers build muscle by exploring soft, rough, or smooth textures. Engagement with caregivers help babies feel safe and secure while exploring their new, exciting world. Topeka Community Foundation funded a rehabilitation of this exhibit in 2019.

Brain Building

Communication, Sensory Play

Body Building

Big Muscle Development (Gross Motor), Spatial Awareness, Hand-Eye Coordination