A Sweet Museum!

A Sweet Museum!

For the second year, KCDC Board of of Directors Chair Ximena Garcia has created a gingerbread version of the Kansas Children's Discovery Center!

Ximena is the definition of multi-talented. On the board, she's a careful listener and inspiring leader who's always the first to volunteer when KCDC needs a hand. She's also a skilled baker who loves figuring out how to recreate challenging things.

Ximena worked with her friend Jack Hoard to design the house to look just like the Kansas Children's Discovery Center, complete with the dramatic roof angles and careful attention to every detail. She estimates the house took about four days to complete.

Museum features include jelly bean and Spree walkways, coconut snow, Pez and wafer benches, a gumball climber and vegetation made from rock candy, gumdrops and licorice. KCDC's famous wall of rainbow windows is beautifully recreated from crushed and melted Jolly Ranchers.

The house will be on display at the front desk throughout the holiday season. Come take a look and see what other details you can find.