Cleaning Procedures

How does the Discovery Center maintain a clean, safe environment for visitors?

  • The cleaning procedures in place at the Discovery Center follow strict internal guidelines as well as the safety guidelines issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • The museum is professionally cleaned regularly.
  • All toys and exhibits are disinfected in our dishwasher or with a hospital grade disinfectant spray daily.
  • The restrooms are professionally cleaned throughout the week and maintained by staff throughout the day.
  • While sanitizer is available throughout the museum, we still encourage staff and patrons to wash their hands with soap and water whenever possible.
  • Staff and volunteers are encouraged to stay home if they feel ill and they are not penalized for doing so.
  • We also encourage visitors to keep children home if they or their children are feeling unwell, and have posted our sick person policy at the museum and online as a reminder.
  • We use special cleaning procedures for our Medical Warriors.


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