Medical Warriors

What is Medical Warriors?

Medical Warriors is a free program designed to allow medically fragile children or those battling life-limiting illnesses to come to the museum after-hours for a private play time. Children experience high-quality, hands-on learning experiences with their families, while avoiding the crowds that exist while the museum is open. The program started in 2016, inspired by Rachel Howland, a 6-year-old girl with neuroblastoma, pictured above.

Why Do Kids Need Medical Warriors?

Every child deserves rich and diverse museum experiences. Play is particularly important for children who have experienced challenges.

Medically fragile children cannot play when the museum is open for a number of reasons. Many Medical Warriors have compromised immune systems. For these children, exposure to a simple cold virus poses significant danger. Their doctors usually recommend isolation from public places to prevent potentially deadly illness. Many Medical Warriors only see their homes and doctor’s offices, limited from the trips to playgrounds, parks, libraries, and other places that fill the days of childhood with play and wonder.

How can my family participate?

Referrals are accepted from medical providers and child life specialists. For more information about Medical Warriors, please contact Dené Mosier at (785) 783-8300.

How is Medical Warriors funded?

Medical Warriors is provided by generous individuals and businesses. We thank Pediatric Associates of Topeka for their generous support that allows this program to take place at no cost families. To allow more families to access Medical Warriors, donate now. 

Medical Warriors makes a difference for families.

“It warms my heart that Anna has somewhere to go that she knows she will not be poked with needles or the countless other things she endures at doctors’ appointments and hospital stays. It‘s a place that Aaron and I can feel relaxed and not have a panic attack thinking of all the people around and the germs that Anna can be exposed to. I love to see how her face just lights up and her big smile when we walk through the doors. The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center has given Anna the chance to be a normal toddler and place she can play and have fun. This program means the world to Anna and us.”
- Medical Warrior parent

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