Rent the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center

Corporate Events

Your family or adult event is perfectly placed at the museum to inspire creativity, innovation and fun.

Special Occasions

An unparalleled experience for unconventional weddings and other celebrations.


Exhibit Floor

14,000 square feet | 497 capacity | flexible indoor space with exhibits | rentals start at $2,000

Multimedia Gallery

1,341 square feet | 100 capacity | full-size wall projector and wireless audio system | rentals start at $500

Program Rooms

442 square feet each | 16 capacity each | refrigerators and sinks, can be used separately or combined | rentals start at $300


4.5 wooded acres | paved walking paths, pond, stream, gazebo, treehouse and music garden | rentals start at $1,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Kansas Children's Discovery Center a great event venue?

From the dramatic roof line, to the rainbow colored glass wall, to the illuminated beacon vestibule, the building creates adventure and excitement at first glance! The Discovery Center is an unforgettable setting for all ages with striking backgrounds for photography around every corner.

How do I book an event?

Call us during business hours at 785-783-8300 or email

How much does it cost to rent the museum?

Full facility rentals, which includes all indoor and outdoor spaces, start at $2,500. Spaces inside and outside the museum have individual rates depending on your event needs.

Do my guests all receive admission to the museum?

With full facility rentals, the entire facility, including indoor and outdoor areas, is open to you and your guests. Birthday parties include 30 guests with options for additional guests if needed.

May I choose caterers and beverage service providers for my event?

Yes. We welcome your choice of service providers.

May I have alcohol at my event?

Alcohol is allowed at after-hours, private events when served and consumed in accordance with state laws.

Will staff be onsite to help with my event needs?

Yes. Museum staff will be onsite at all times to ensure the museum functions smoothly during your event.

Is there a kitchen available?

Two refrigerators and two sinks are available in the program rooms. A full kitchen is not available.

Are tables and chairs available?

Yes, and may be included in the cost of a rental depending on which space is rented.

Can we decorate the museum?

Decorations may be attached to the orange panels in program rooms with the push pins provided. Tape and other adhesives are not allowed on any walls in the Discovery Center. Please discuss arrangements with museum staff.