Field Trips

Explore & Discover Field Trips

Explore & Discover 

Two-hour, self-guided, educational play at the museum. Students will have the opportunity to learn and discover at their own pace in 15,000 square feet of indoor exhibits exploring science, careers, art, building and more, plus a 4.5-acre certified Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom.

“Play is learning….In the short and long term, play benefits cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Children learn cognitive skills such as creativity, problem solving, divergent thinking, mathematics, and language. They learn to negotiate social relationships, regulate their emotions, and control their own behaviors. When play is fun and child-directed, children are motivated to engage in opportunities to learn.” - The Power of Play: A Research Summary on Play and Learning, written by Dr. Rachel E. White from the Institute of Child Development at University of Minnesota

Designed for PreK-5th grade
Cost ranges from $5-$7 per person
Not a school group but interested in a group rate? Call us at 785-783-8300

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