Come play at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center

The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center is a hands-on children’s museum with a mission to enhance the lives of children and enrich the communities it serves. Since opening in 2011, KCDC has become a special place where children can explore, create, discover and learn through play. 


Paint on the walls in the art pavilion with our rainbow glass wall as inspiration. Experiment with paint, rainbows and light. Art encourages creativity, lets kids practice fine motor skills and builds confidence. 

An adult helps a child build in the building exhibit. The adult is using a screwdriver while the child holds the piece of wood still.


Construct amazing towers, bridges and architectural masterpieces with a variety of blocks, wood, tools and grand-scale building materials. Use real wood, nails and tools to create. Exploring geometric shapes creates pathways for algebra and geometry.

A small girl uses a stethoscope to listen to the chest of a small boy


Investigate body systems, examine animals, own a restaurant or car repair shop. Children take x-rays, repair rusty mufflers, create recipes and learn about bodies. Take turns being owner, physician, employee and customer, working together to simulate a small, active economy.

Two children fill a basket from the grain bin with small shovels


Use pulleys, augers, gears, conveyors and a group of friends to move grain through a marvelous machine. One of only eight such exhibits in the world, the KCDC grain pit is a favorite for children and adults. 

A child watches as an orange ball floats above the Bernoulli table


Exciting and challenging opportunities for scientific inquiry and experimentation. Flying machine, amazing air mazes, plasma globe, Bernoulli blowers, wind tube, experiment tables and more.


Children can explore the creativity using fluorescent geometric shapes and black lights. Little ones can learn their letters, numbers, shape and colors, while the big kids create elaborate designs and stories.

Two children play a game and read an exhibit


Computer simulations and hands-on games focus on balancing a budget, the “real” cost of credit, and the value of saving, sharing and spending.


Active toddlers keep busy in this special fenced-in area with the fantasy playhouse that they design, a puzzle garden, a sensory table, ball play, a climber and wall interactives.

Baby climbs on a multicolored climber in the infant area


Padded floors create a safe area for pre-walkers to explore color, texture, mirrors and mobiles. Cubbies allow crawling, exploring and pulling to stand. 

Two boys look into a net to see what they caught in the pond


KCDC is home to a 4.5 acre certified Nature Explore Classroom. Check out our outdoor exhibits.