Discovery Center Unveils New Dino Dig Exhibit

Discovery Center Unveils New Dino Dig Exhibit

The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, Topeka’s nonprofit children’s museum, officially opened a new Dino Dig exhibit today. The exhibit transitioned the former sandbox into a truly unique experience. A realistic triceratops dinosaur skeleton is the anchor feature, measuring 8-feet wide and nearly 6-feet tall, surrounded by an 840-square-foot sand box filled with 45 tons of sand, buried fossils, and paleontology tools. Digging and building, particularly to uncover something hidden, is a natural sensory experience that promotes curiosity, exploring the natural world and problem-solving.  The exhibit is generously sponsored by Vaughn Pediatric Dentistry and Capitol Federal.

The Dino Dig Includes:

  • A nearly 6-foot-high triceratops skeleton cast from real dinosaur bones, perfect for climbing and exploring.
  • A more than 6-foot-long buried Coelophysis skeleton modeled from actual bones of this small carnivore that lived in what is now the southwestern United States.
  • A 4-foot-long buried Troodon nest modeled from original museum pieces to exactly match the way these bird-like dinosaurs laid eggs 65-75 million years ago.
  • Paleontology tools, including brushes, shovels, trowels, and other supplies for little excavators.
  • More than two dozen realistic dinosaur footprints in various sizes.

Watch: Discovery Center Unveils New Dino Dig Exhibit

The Dino Dig is just one part of the 4.5 outdoor acres adventure area at the museum, featuring a pirate ship, treehouse, music garden, stream, bikes, trikes, wagons, challenge courses, a child-friendly zipline, and more. The space has earned national recognition as a Certified Nature Explore Classroom from the Nature Explore program. Nature Explore Outdoor Classrooms offer interactive elements such as musical instruments made of natural materials, garden and pathway areas, and natural materials for building and creating art. Open green space allows families to try a disc golf game, enjoy a picnic or relax by a steam. Paved and natural paths wind through shaded woods, revealing hidden tunnels and exciting discoveries, perfect for fueling the imaginations of little explorers.