Down on the Farm Week

Fabulous Farm Facts from Kansas

Does Kansas rank #1 in the United States in any crop production?

Kansas is ranked #1 in the United States in sorghum production. Sorghum, a grain, is used to feed people and animals, and is used to make fuel. In Kansas, we grow over half of the nation's sorghum!

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How much wheat do Kansas farmers grow?

A lot. In 2017, Kansas farmers grew 467,400,000 bushels of wheat, enough to make 93.6 billion white bread sandwiches, or 15 billion boxes of cereal!

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What is a bucket calf?

A bucket calf is an orphan or newborn calf typically bottle-fed, and later bucket-fed, by a young person learning how to raise cows. Visitors will be able to meet a bucket calf on Friday of farm week!

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