Kenya’s Kids

Discover what life is like for children in Kenya today | Sept 13, 2019 to Jan. 4, 2020

  • Families can discover what life is like for children in Kenya today, a country both technologically-advanced and filled with longtime traditions.
  • As they travel through five immersive environments, children can compare the similarities and differences between their lives and those of children in the East African country of Kenya.
  • Visitors will have the opportunity to experience a rural home as they learn about water conservation and use a beautiful Khanga cloth to carry a baby on their back or dress as a Maasai, one of 43 ethnic groups in Kenya.
  • At the school, children can learn Swahili using touchscreen notebooks just like students in Kenya.
  • Visitors can also convert dollars to shillings and “shop” in an outdoor market and at a duka, tiny shops found throughout Kenya, as they learn about the country’s advanced phone-based financial system called M-Pesa.
  • At the national reserve, children can become a ranger and drive a safari vehicle. They can also become a keeper at an elephant orphanage that cares for abandoned baby animals and learn about animal conservation.
  • Visitors will marvel at life-size sculptures of native African animals, created by local artisans in Nairobi, integrated into the exhibit. Using tablets to snap photos of the animal sculptures, an augmented reality experience triggers a 3-Dimensional rendered image of the animal in its habitat to help visitors learn more about the species.
Kids using rolling pins to roll out dough in the house portion of the Kenya's Kids exhibit.

Kenya's Kids Experiences