How can I get my preschooler ready to learn? Ask an Educator: Veronica Byrd, Parents as Teachers

How can I get my preschooler excited about reading? Ask an Educator: Josie Dease, Seaman Public Schools

How can I get my preschooler ready to learn? Chat with Veronica Byrd, Site Coordinator for The Pine Ridge Partnership, Parents as Teachers on Wednesday, February 17, at 8 p.m. on Facebook Live. Hear what other parents are wondering and ask your questions live!

Veronica Byrd is a native of Topeka, Kansas. Working with others and actively participating in programs and community functions began at a very early age. She is a mother, grandmother, sister and friend. Veronica earned a BS in Mass Media from Washburn University and is a Certified Black Belt Speaker (BBS). She is a Certified Parent Educator and currently serves as the Site Coordinator for The Pine Ridge Partnership Parents as Teachers program in Topeka, Kansas. Veronica is the Youth & Family Coordinator for Topeka Housing Authority’s after school and summer program. Veronica has an MBA (Mop and Bucket Attitude). This allows her to fulfil one of her greatest satisfactions of helping others realize how valuable they are. She works daily with at-risk families helping them set and meet goals while promoting family-driven solutions.

Veronica Byrd joins us for the third in our Building Readers series of Ask the Educator segments.