I Spy: Discovery at Home

How to play:

  1. Look closely at both photos and compare them to find things that are not the same.
  2. Create a different celebration dance each time you find a new difference between the pictures.
  3. Count how many differences you find.

Ways to expand it:

  • Create your own I Spy! Create two copies of a picture by drawing or tracing. Change several things in one picture and challenge your family to find the differences.
  • Head outside on a nature walk. Find two trees, use your observation skills to compare and contrast them. What is the same and what is different?

What kids learn:

  • Comparing and contrasting. These skills help children organize new and old information. While looking at the pictures they are processing information and then identifying the information that had changed. It helps them find subtle differences that would help them make the best decision for the circumstance.
  • Observation skills. Using one or more of your senses to gain information.

Answer Key

  1. Red ball added to track
  2. Missing block
  3. Missing hole
  4. Builder's shirt is teal
  5. Missing yellow elbow builder
  6. Additional yellow pentagon
  7. Additional green person
  8. Missing green person
  9. Additional banana
  10. Additional blue elbow builder