Kansas State Treasurer Dedicates New Financial Literacy Exhibit

Kansas Treasurer Dedicates New Financial Literacy Exhibit

The Discovery Center dedicated a new financial literacy experience on Thursday, October 3, 2022. Staff from exhibit sponsor Kansas State Treasurer Lynn Rogers' office alongside Kris Rogers and local children office opened the exhibit by dropping the first official coin into a giant sorting bank.

The Learn to Earn Bank is a play-based educational exhibit designed to promote educational savings opportunities available to Kansas families. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a giant coin sorter designed to separate larger-than-life play coins into bins by value. The exhibit includes an interactive money stacking wall, pretend currency, and a giant magnetic piggy bank.  Educational signage designed to teach adults about educational savings opportunities will help whole families learn and play together.

“Children learn by playing,” said Dene’ Mosier, president/CEO of the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center. “Exposure to financial concepts at a young age helps children become more competent with money as adults, and is a great general foundation for math education. We’re so grateful to Kansas State Treasurer Lynn Rogers for making this experience possible for Kansas families. ”

“I’m extremely grateful we can be part of this exhibit through our partnership with Learning Quest 529 Savings Plans,” said Treasurer Rogers. “By encouraging children and families to learn about saving and money, we’re collectively helping to spark those big ideas and big dreams early on. Education comes in all forms for kids and all along the way into adulthood. It’s critical to start learning now."