Free Download: The Amazing Engineering Design Process Coloring Page

Science is your superpower! Use the amazing engineering design process, just like real-life engineers, to imagine ways to change the world. Check out this new downloadable coloring page, free for you to print and use in your home or classroom. It’s serious fun!

If you like this coloring page, you’ll love The Superhero Science Discovery Kit! Discovery Kits are designed by our education team and all proceeds support your local, nonprofit children’s museum. Thank you to our partners at Bartlett & West for purchasing 250 of these kits for Boys and Girls Club of Topeka!

Each box contains the bilingual Superhero Science Playbook packed with fun facts, project instructions and science career information. Everything you need is included: a superhero cape and mask, a mini air rocket, foam building cubes and a measuring tape, plus complete supplies for three super engineering projects: chemistry rocket, tabletop catapult and pom pom launcher. Kits are packed in sturdy boxes designed for serious fun and suitable for long-term storage of all your day-saving supplies!

Kits are $25 for members and $35 for nonmembers. Purchase at the Discovery Shop while they last or order online.