Foster creativity and team-building by bringing the Discovery Center to work

The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center is well known as a great place for kids to play and grow, but did you know that grown-ups can get in on the fun, too?

The Discovery Center’s Corporate Play Days lets employers treat their staff to a bit of fun and play, while also creating team-building experiences for them that help strengthen creativity and problem-solving skills. The Discovery Center can host three- to four-hour events with one of our educators, allowing employees to get out of the office and explore the museum, either during business hours or after hours. However, we can also come to you, using our Mobile Museum to bring workplace versions of our most popular play experiences directly to your office or school, including building a roller coaster, constructing with recycled materials, creating art and doing a maze using programmable, robotic mice.

Play is important, even for adults. Play is the primary way humans learns about the world we live in, because our brains are wired to learn by doing. Researchers have documented multiple benefits from adult play, including boosted memory, a greater sense of belonging, problem-solving skills, resilience, empathy and just plain having fun! It makes a great experience, particularly for educators, but also for corporate offices, small businesses, nonprofits and other groups.

And it’s not exclusive to just businesses and nonprofits. Got a group of friends you’d like to bring? Pool your money and come on out!

Prices begin at $850 for the mobile experience, with additional sessions available for $425, for a maximum of 25 people per session. Travel costs will also be added for any locations that are more than 30 miles from Topeka, starting at $75. Pricing to come play at the Discovery Center varies, contact us for pricing.

“It was a fabulous morning for our staff,” said one participant. “They were so well organized and kept everyone engaged.

“I appreciated how they tied the activities into our profession while not making it be a regular professional development day.”

To book a Corporate Play Day, call the Discovery Center at (785) 783-8300 or email us at

Photos from Corporate Play Day events


North Fairview’s educators built one heck of a sturdy building during our Corporate Play Day today! #STEAM #STEM #engineering #topcitykids #teachers

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