Exploring the Ornithopods in Tiny Titans!

Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies, open until May 30, 2022, at the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, is an interactive exhibition that offers an astounding array of authentic dinosaur eggs and nests collected from all across the globe, in addition to great hands-on play experiences! Kids can dig for eggs, dress up like a parent dinosaur to brood their nest, and feel the texture of dinosaur eggs. Cute babies and fun dinosaur facts will keep the whole family playing and learning. The exhibit is divided into four sections based on the different families of dinosaurs: Ceratopsians, Sauropods, Theropods and Ornithopods. Each space provides visitors with a bevy of interesting information and activities about that particular type of dinosaur.

What are Ornithopods?

The word Ornithopod means “bird feet”. These dinosaurs were typically bipedal, meaning they walked on two feet, but also sometimes quadrupedal, meaning they walked on all four.

• The most abundant were the duck-billed Hadrosaurs.

• They were herbivorous, or plant eaters.

• Laid spherical (round) shaped eggs.

• Track ways show they lived in herds and were social animals.

What can kids do at the Ornithopod section in Tiny Titans?

• Dig for Ornithopod eggs in a Dino Dig pit.

• See real fossilized Ornithopod eggs.

• Put together a dino bone puzzle.

• Touch a replica of a large Hadrosaur femur bone.

• See a replica of a Hadrosaur fetus in an egg.

What do kids learn at the Ornithopod section in Tiny Titans?

• Find out why paleontologists believe Hadrosaurs grew up very quickly.

• Learn about Ornithopod babies and how they hatched.

• Read about the Edmontosaurus, one of the largest Ornithopods.

• Find out why Ornithopods lived in large herds.

Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies is a traveling exhibit series created by Silver Plume Exhibitions and featuring artwork from Luis V. Rey and Mark Hallet, as well as stunning photography by Louie Pshioyos. The exhibit is generously sponsored locally by the Topeka Lodging Association and Visit Topeka, Inc. Tiny Titans will be on display at the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center from February 24 to May 30, 2022, and is included in regular admission.

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