Make a Facebook Fundraiser!

The Kansas Children's Discovery Center needs your help.


The Discovery Center is a privately-funded, nonprofit organization that relies on admission revenue to operate. The museum receives no ongoing government or taxpayer dollars, and is losing an estimated $1,797 every day we are closed. As a high-touch, hands-on environment, the museum will have to make many changes before reopening to the public. When the museum opens, capacity limits will further restrict revenue.

Most new donors come to us from Facebook.


In less than a minute, you can create a fundraiser for the Discovery Center on Facebook, and we receive 100% of the money raised! To create a fundraiser, click here or follow these steps:

  1. Visit on a computer, or from the app, click the icon that looks like three lines on the bottom right of your screen, then click "fundraisers"
  2. Click "select nonprofit"
  3. Search for the Kansas Children's Discovery Center.
  4. Fill in the fundraiser details. Share your favorite thing about the Discovery Center! Choose a cover photo from the suggestions, or use your family's favorite photo from your time at the museum.
  5. Click "create" and you're done!

Why should people support The Discovery Center?


  1. Because play is powerful! Play can heal and transform. Children need play to imagine, create, reduce stress and inspire joy. As play advocates, we are working to transform our communities through play.
  2. Because we're needed to help support parents and teachers during this crisis. We have shared free online educational activities everyday since our closure on March 14 because we believe every child deserves access to quality, educational play experiences.
  3. Because all children need access to museums. Families with money will always be able to access cultural experiences for their children, but the loss of smaller, nonprofit cultural institutions means that families with more need will have less access. This is an equity issue that is even more critical with school buildings closing. One in ten Discovery Center admissions are free or subsidized based on need.
  4. Because we have a significant economic impact. The Discovery Center hosts over 95,000 annual visitors, one quarter of which are from out of town. We are a significant driver of regional tourism, bringing families to Topeka to eat, stay and play.