Nine Serious Fun Slime Facts

Nine Serious Fun Slime Facts

Slime! We make it, we love it, we learn about it! Check out our favorite things about slime.

#1 There are more than 900 species of slime mold in the world. Slime mold are amoebas which grow on rotting wood and other decomposing things.

#2 Slime in nature is called mucus, and you have some in your nose right now! The mucus, or snot, in your nose protects your body by trapping dirt and bacteria.

#3 Slug slime serves many purposes for the slug: protection, communication, food, transportation, hydration and more.

#4 When kids make slime, they’re learning! They learn about measurement, volume, and see chemical reactions in action, teaching cause and effect.

#5 When preschoolers play with slime, they practice using the small muscles in their hands (fine motor skills) later used for writing.

#6 School glue is made of polymers (plastic) mixed with water. When the water evaporates, the glue hardens.

#7 The hagfish is an eel-like fish that secretes a chemical that turns the water around it into sticky slime. The slime clogs the gills of potential predators.

#8 Silly Putty was invented by a researcher studying rubber who failed to invent what he wanted. His “failure” became one of the top-selling toys of all time.

#9 Nickelodeon's iconic green slime was launched into space this summer for a series of NASA experiments. Astronauts will test how slime behaves in microgravity.

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