Thank you, Leadership Greater Topeka!

Thank you, Leadership Greater Topeka Class of 2019!

The Kansas Children's Discovery Center was very excited to host the Leadership Greater Topeka Class of 2019 at two recent events. "Leadership Greater Topeka brings together a broad cross-section of both acknowledged and aspiring leaders from every corner of the community for an annual community leadership training course," according to the organization's website. The organization visited the nonprofit children's museum for a tour and social hour as a part of their work to get to know Topeka. The group had a great time getting to know the facility and playing! They also heard about our work to ensure access for every child from President/CEO Dené Mosier.

When challenged to make an impact with a limited number of dollars and time, Core Group #2 returned to the Discovery Center two weeks later to put what they learned into action. The group donated to support a program they remembered from their tour, Play Free. Play Free is play-based education and exploration program for children with an incarcerated mother (in some cases, grandmother). The program invites children to come to the museum for a day of fun with their moms, encouraging educational play and family bonding to increase children’s resilience. Play Free supports children who need opportunities to play in a safe, caring environment. Through no fault of their own, these children have experienced the pain and confusion of separation from a caregiver. Play Free allows these children to gather outside the prison walls, for a day or normalcy in a challenging time. Support from this group of local leaders will help fund the program, which is supported only with the support of generous donors.

Way to go, Core Group #2! Thank you, Leadership Greater Topeka Class of 2019!