Party with Potter

Wizards to gather on Friday, March 22 at 6:30 at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center | tickets $30 | 21+ | all proceeds support KCDC

House Cup

Wizards will be sorted into houses and earn points throughout the evening...

Harry Potter Trivia

Costume contest 

Flying keys

Magical quests

Food & Drink

Dinner and cash bar provided by Hy-Vee

Steam Engine's Butter Beer Brewery

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans

Magical Fun


Ollivander's Wand shop

Magical creatures from Sunset Zoo

Platform 9 3/4

Fan Art Silent Auction


Party with Potter Supports KCDC Cares Programs

Medical Warriors

Honors medically fragile children or those battling life-limiting illnesses who need private play time.

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Puzzle Pieces

Provides children who have an autism spectrum disorder with a safe, fun place to play.

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Play Free

Helps children with incarcerated caregivers get the love and support they need to heal.

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Admission Access

Increases access to underserved and low-income families so finances are never a barrier to play.

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