Pretend Vet Clinic: Discovery at Home

Materials Needed:

  • Stuffed animals who need assistance
  • Paper
  • Index cards
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Headphones
  • Empty bottles
  • Dish towel


  • Make tools you would need in a vet clinic
    • Medicine bottle: Make a label that says “Medicine” using paper and a marker or crayon. Tape the label onto a small empty bottle.
    • Stethoscope: Cut out a circle from paper or an index card. Tape the circle to a pair of old headphones at the end where you would plug into a device. You can use the ear pieces for the part of the stethoscope where you listen for the heartbeat!
    • Needle for shots: Sketch out a needle on paper or an index card. Cut out the needle so you can use it in your clinic. An old medicine syringe can also work for this!
    • Ace bandage: Take one or two dish towels to use as a wrap to help your stuffed animal heal.
  • Once you have all your tools, you are ready to take care of your animals!

How to Expand it:

  • Dress like a Veterinarian! Use grownup clothes, towels, cardboard, paper, and other recycled materials to create a uniform and other protective wear that veterinarians wear while taking care of pets. 
  • Create a list of instructions for the pet after discharge. Should the pet have medicine at home? Lots of rest? Extra cuddles?

What do kids learn?

  • Children gain social, emotional, and physical skills through imaginative play. They are experimenting in social roles, practicing their language skills, and developing their problem solving skills. They have to figure out a variety of problems and experiment with new ideas.
  • This activity specifically sets up a foundation for them to explore a health care career in a fun and interactive setting.