Thank You, Heritage Bank Volunteers!

Thank You, Heritage Bank Volunteers!

This week, we were fortunate to host a group of volunteers from Heritage Bank! Heritage Bank is a Discovery Center sponsor who has sent volunteers before, this was a great group to host!

They completed many tasks including cleaning the programming room, disinfecting the grocery exhibit, cleaning grain, putting together activity kits and disinfecting our careers section. With 15,000 square feet of indoor exhibits and 4.5 acres of Certified Outdoor Exploration Classroom, the volunteers stayed busy!

Kansas Children’s Discovery Center offers high-quality interactive experiences to inspire a lifelong love of learning for every child. Volunteers aid our mission by creating these memorable experiences for every family who walks through our doors. Volunteers engage children in fun educational activities, provide customer service at our front desk, pitch in at special events, maintain our outdoor space, help facilitate field trips, celebrate birthdays, and keep exhibit areas ready for play.

If your organization is interested in a fun volunteer day at the Kansas Children's Discovery Center, call our volunteer coordinator at (785) 783-8300. We have indoor and outdoor projects for any size group.

Thank You, Heritage Bank volunteers!