Veterinarian Play Day Full of Serious Fun!

Veterinarian Play Day full of Serious Fun!

The Discovery Center held the annual Veterinarian Play Day on Saturday, February 8. Veterinarian Play Day is an opportunity for kids to play with real veterinarians. The day is generously sponsored by our friends at Hill's Pet Nutrition.

Veterinarian Play Day gives children the chance to engage in the kind of dramatic play that helps them build social skills. When a child pretends, they're taking on adult roles and learning how grown-ups communicate.

Children also got to bring their own stuffed animals into the Discovery Center for checkups. Ailments ranged from hurt paws, to sad eyes, to acute onset dragon breath. Our volunteer veterinarians and their small assistants were ready to treat every animal.

Dr. Megan McKeage is the owner and veterinarian at Fur Family Animal Hospital in Manhattan. Megan has wanted to be a vet since she was eight years old.

Dr. Allison Crow is a veterinarian at Animal Clinic of North Topeka. She has a cat named Dutchess at home.

Both volunteer vets did a fantastic job working with the kids. Thank you to them, and our sponsors at Hill's Pet Nutrition, for making this day possible.