Serious Fun Mondays

Kansas Children's Discovery Center staff travels to community centers where free lunches are served to children in under- resourced areas. We offer hands-on play and learning to participating children. This is done in partnership with other wonderful community organizations and generous donors!


Puzzle Pieces

We host Puzzle Pieces Programming which offers free admission to families with children on the Autism Spectrum on the second Sunday of the month. We provide an opportunity for families to interact together in a safe, understanding environment. We have therapists, early childhood education specialists, a therapy dog and a music therapist who all help facilitate this free programming.

Medical Warriors

Medical Warriors is a free program that is designed to allow children battling life-threatening illnesses to come to museum after hours for a private party. Children experience high quality hands on learning experiences with their family, while avoiding the crowds and germs that are a concern when the museum is open.

Social Service Memberships

In 2016 we subsidized over $15,000 in admissions for our social service partners such as TARC and Family Service and Guidance Center. We are proud to partner with such excellent organizations to help meet the needs of families in Northeast Kansas.

Low Cost Membership 

By working with social service partners in our community, we offer reduced cost annual memberships for $15 to families in need. 

Free Admissions

In 2016, the Christmas Bureau was given over 1,500 passes for free admission.

We also provide free admission passes and subsidized field trips to local schools based on a sliding fee scale.