Bike, Trike and Wagon Trails

About the Bike, Trike and Wagon Trails

A paved yellow trail winds through all 4.5 acres of the outdoor adventure area for fun on wheels, with a smaller path for kids who want to take it slow. Bikes, trikes and wagons suitable for all ages are available at the fun bike shed, a topsy-turvy purple house that inspires imagination and fun! Bikes range from balance trikes for toddlers to big kid big wheels, and even bikes designed for children to give adults a ride! Helmets are provided.

Fun Facts

The paths are yellow because they were inspired by the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz! Paths were poured in 2011, shortly after the museum opened. Bikes were purchased with support from the Sunflower Foundation.

Body Building

Hand-eye coordination, Balance, Big Muscle Development (Gross Motor), Body/Spatial Awareness, Muscle Memory

Brain Building

Planning, Cooperation, Communication, Reaction Time, Multitasking