Challenge Course

About the Challenge Course

Four play elements provide a test of endurance and strategic planning! Can you make it through without touching the ground? Swing between three overhead rings as they spin, tread carefully on the balance pods, climb through the suspended rings, and scale the climbing wall!

Fun Facts

Kids who have studied bridges might see some familiar structures used in this course! Look for trusses (triangular shapes designed to give structures stability), suspension cables, arches, beams and supporting piles. These structures are designed to safely support weight, which makes them perfect for supporting kids on the challenge course, or cars crossing a bridge. The challenge course was installed in November 2017 with support from the Sunflower Foundation.

Body Building

Agility, Balance, Flexibility, Hand-Eye Coordination, Big Muscle Development (Gross Motor), Endurance

Brain Building

Problem Solving, Planning, Resilience