About the Treehouse

This terrific treehouse lets kids explore the forest from a 6-foot-tall lower level and 12-foot tall upper level with a lookout window. The treehouse is a well-shaded spot to observe birds and other wildlife. Explorers can access the levels via a climbing wall, cargo climbing net and stairs, and take a slide back down to the forest floor to relax in a hammock!

Fun Facts

Architect and Topeka native Chris Yorke designed this treehouse following his internship with the nation’s top treehouse designer. The treehouse was built with wood from recycled utility poles. The project was built with support from Westar Energy’s Green Team (now Evergy) and craftsmen from Builder Bees. The treehouse opened in September of 2012.

Body Building

Agility, Balance, Body/Spatial Awareness, Big Muscle Development (gross motor)

Brain Building

Problem Solving, Planning, Cooperation, Imaginative Play, Communication