Texture Kitchen

About the Texture Kitchen

The texture kitchen is designed to get kids exploring nature and playing pretend! Fully stocked with real pots, pans and kitchen tools, the kitchen provides the perfect space for a crew of kid chefs to whip up nature-based cuisine. Use wood chips, sand, mud, sticks, and nearby natural elements to make a feast for the senses.

Fun Facts

The kitchen is a great space for imaginative play, but also helps teach early math and science concepts. Kitchen skills like volume, comparison, experimentation, and tool testing help create the perfect recipe for learning math. The texture kitchen was built in 2020 in-house by exhibit builder Draque Carver using wood, composite decking and a sink from the Habitat from Humanity Restore. The griddle was created by flipping over composite decking to the groove side and sealing with paint. This project was generously sponsored by Bartlett & West.

Body Building

Hand-Eye Coordination, Small Muscle Development (Fine Motor)

Brain Building

Sensory Play, Cooperation, Imaginative Play, Communication, Creativity