Discovery Theatre

About the Theatre

A stage with seating for audience members provides the perfect backdrop for Discovery Center programs and impromptu, kid-led productions. A chalk wall and table provides space for story creation, set drawing, and creative expression. Giant Lincoln Logs allow children to build their own homes for creative play. Social distancing markers keep everyone safe.

Fun Facts

The giant logs are constructed from durable plastic with a foam core, and designed to be sturdy but light enough for children to lift. Log houses were common temporary houses for Kansas settlers in the 1800s. The cabins were built using notched logs, and builders filled the cracks with mud or moss. The theatre was built in 2020 in-house by exhibit builder Draque Carver. The project was funded by Shawnee County Coronavirus Relief Funds for Community Based Programs.

Body Building

Hand-Eye Coordination, Small Muscle Development (Fine Motor), Big Muscle Development (Gross Motor)

Brain Building

Cooperation, Imaginative Play, Communication, Creativity


Discovery Theatre Now Open!