The amazing art pavilion allows budding artists to fulfill their dream of painting on the walls (don’t try this at home!). Children are encouraged to paint the inside of the sturdy glass pavilion using brushes or fingers to curate an art gallery from their own imaginations. Primary paint colors are provided to allow children to experiment with mixing paint and color creation. The adjacent rainbow window wall sends colorful beams of natural light into the pavilion to send your child’s imagination soaring. Aprons are provided to protect clothing from the washable paint. Artists are encouraged to clean their window for the next visitor, and some children find using a squeegee is their favorite part!

Fun Facts

Art has been open since the museum’s first day of operation. In a normal year, we go through 230 gallons of red, blue, yellow and white paint. That’s 117,760 pumps of paint! It’s enough to cover the floor of the entire Discovery Center more than six times, which is why we like to keep it on the walls!

Brain Building

Sensory Play, Communication, Creativity, Symbolic Thinking

Body Building

Hand-Eye Coordination, Small Muscle Development (Fine Motor)