Top City Build


Build your own additions to Topeka with plastic bricks. Create a new and improved Top City from your imagination. Construct amazing towers, bridges, vehicles and architectural masterpieces.

Fun Facts

Block building is serious fun. Stacking, lining up, and creating with blocks lets children explore geometric shapes and creates pathways for algebra and geometry. Funding for this exhibit was provided by the Topeka Community Foundation and Topeka Collegiate with support from Visit Topeka.

Where’s the wood?

Visitors prior to 2020 might remember a real tool build workshop with wooden blocks in this space. Unfinished wood is porous, meaning it has tiny spaces on the surface that are hard to clean. Viruses can live in the tiny spaces of porous things, so we’ve packed them away for now.  In the meantime, enjoy our new plastic building tools!

Brain Building

Sensory Play, Communication, Creativity, Symbolic Thinking

Body Building

Hand-Eye Coordination, Small Muscle Development (Fine Motor)