Lift Yourself


Use a pulley system to lift your body from the floor. Test your strength and feel the power of simple machines at work. When using Lift Yourself, adults or children may sit in the exhibit’s chair and use a rope and pulley system to lift their body weight up to 30 inches off the floor. The exhibit is designed to provide a physical activity for visitors that also teaches the science behind simple machines. The counterweight pulley system allows young children to feel the power of their own bodies and experience how a pulley works to lift an object.

Fun Facts

We love it when children figure out the mechanics behind this exhibit and challenge their caregivers to races in which the children have a big mechanical advantage! Lift Yourself was installed in March of 2019 with support from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation.

Brain Building

Comparison, Experimentation

Body Building

Big Muscle Development (Gross Motor)