Ramp Racing


Design your own magnetic raceway and send cars speeding down straightaways, over ramps and around curves. Use specially crafted magnetic race track components and our steel ramp to construct the ultimate track from your imagination.

Fun Facts

Building ramps is a great way for children to experiment with cause and effect as they learn how objects move, and what impacts the path they follow. This kind of play builds a great foundation for learning science. The Baltic Birch Plywood race track components were created by our friends at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh especially for our exhibit in Topeka.

Where’s the wind?

Visitors prior to 2020 might remember an air maze, tornado tube and Bernoulli blower in this space. Covid-19 is spread primarily by tiny droplets, too small to see, that come out of our mouths and noses when we breathe. These droplets usually fall to the ground and become harmless. Our air maze and Bernoulli blower worked by compressing air and moving it quickly around the museum. These exhibits had the potential to spread droplets in the air, so we’ve packed them away for now. We hope to bring them back when the risk of Covid-19 is lower or we find a solution to sanitize the air. In the meantime, enjoy our new ramps!

Brain Building

Experimentation, Imaginative Play, Cooperation, Comparison

Body Building

Small Muscle Development (Fine Motor)