Financial Literacy


Get money from the bank and take it to our pint-sized grocery store for a play experience that helps children pick up math, language and budgeting. The Discovery Market is stocked with realistic play food, shopping carts and baskets. Bilingual signage makes products easy to find and encourages early letter recognition. A fully functional cash register scans each item, calculates totals, and allows cashier and customer to process payment. This exhibit was constructed in 2019 with support from the Sunderland Foundation. The Women’s Fund purchased the cash register.

Fun Facts

The play food in the grocery store is designed to last! Our play food manufacturer actually tests their products with a group of excited golden retrievers to assure durability. Boxes and bags are riveted into durable plastic containers. Quality play items keep the play experience both safe and realistic for growing shoppers.

Brain Building

Imaginative Play, Cooperation, Comparison

Body Building

Small Muscle Development (Fine Motor)