Butterfly Garden

About the Butterfly Garden

A bubbling fountain welcomes children to a pollinator garden full of flowers to explore, vegetables to harvest and very hungry caterpillars to enjoy. Wisteria vines wind overhead on a wooden arbor made from recycled utility poles. Brightly colored, welded steel butterfly chairs made just for the Discovery Center by exhibit building expert Draque Carver give those who sit on them giant butterfly wings and antennas, perfect for photo opportunities! Visitors are welcome to bring home herbs and vegetables when they're growing. Ask for a bag if needed. The garden is maintained by volunteers, who plant, weed and water the plants.

Fun Facts

The garden’s first growing season was 2014. That year, the garden produced peanuts, corn, brussels sprouts, watermelon, pumpkins and gourds. The arbor and chairs were added in 2017. The butterfly chairs are hand-painted with tractor paint to help the bright colors stay durable outdoors.

Body Building

Hand-Eye Coordination, Small Muscle Development (Fine Motor)

Brain Building

Sensory Play, Prediction, Communication, Comparison, Vocabulary