Rock Climb

About the Rock Climb

More than fifty giant limestone boulders minded form Western Kansas create this 7-foot-tall natural climbing wall, a favorite for adventurers of all ages with steps for little climbers. Budding geologists can find evidence of the rock’s history, including marks caused by stone splitting tools, fossils, and erosion.

Fun facts

Most of the rocks on the wall weigh over 5,000 pounds. That’s heavier than a rhinoceros! Kansas is full of limestone because we used to be a sea! Limestone is formed when layers of seashells and skeletons from marine life settle to the bottom of the water, and compress over the course of thousands of years. The climbing wall was built in 2014.

Body Building

Agility, Balance, Body/Spatial Awareness, Big Muscle Development (Gross Motor)

Brain Building

Problem Solving, Planning, Risk Assessment, Sensory Play, Observation