About the Zipline

Feel the breeze on our child-friendly, 34-foot zipline! Children can ride safely from a comfortable seat using a grippy, rubber-wrapped chain. The zipline is a two-way ride, eliminating the need to walk the seat back to start and letting riders feel the impact of inertia as they zip along!

Fun Facts

The zipline moves using a track and trolley system, with a little help from inertia and gravity! There are lots of other uses for track-guided wheels. Trains and trolley cars use tracks to determine their direction. Camera operators filming movies use cameras mounted on wheels and tracks to keep their cameras steady while moving. Overhead track and trolley systems, like the one on the zipline, are often used in manufacturing to move heavy objects, and even to help move people who need assistance walking! The zipline was installed in August of 2016 with support from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Foundation.

Body Building

Agility, Balance, Body Awareness, Big Muscle Development (Gross Motor)

Brain Building

Problem Solving, Planning, Cooperation, Communication, Risk Assessment